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Acne & Scarring


Acne & Scarring

AcneThe causes of acne are multi-factorial and different for each person. If left untreated it can lead to permanent scarring. The main modalities of treatment at our clinic is using the medical grade Dual laser which destroys the P Acne bacteria, and shrinks the sebaceous glands to reduce the production of sebum. This laser is the only type that targets the sebaceous gland to destroy bacteria, without damaging surrounding tissue.

Multiple treatments are usually required and these can be performed every 2-3 weeks apart.

Skin treatments including skin care and chemical peels are used in conjuction with the laser to get optimum results.
Each acne program is tailor-made for the individual client. The aim of our acne programs are to clear existing break-outs, Relieve congestion that causes new break-outs & Prevent visible skin damage and scarring